Who We Are

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The Creative Place is a web and graphic design studio which aims to provide partnerships instead of products. TCP consists of a team of designers that focus on providing quality and affordable graphic design to our partners. On any given week, we could be working on projects like event flyers, communication cards, website design, and even Sunday bulletin designs. If you ever think, … Read More

What We Do

tcpstudioGraphic Design, Partnerships, Sermon Series, TCP Talks, Web Design

We are always adding things to the “What We Do” list! Every week it is something different. Our partnerships (read more: Why Partnerships) differ from one to the other because some churches and organizations need different services. So, if you are wondering if you are locked in to only getting certain services…nah, we partner with you in order to meet … Read More

Why Partnerships?

tcpstudioGraphic Design, Partnerships, Web Design

We love our clients.  We love designing with our clients (“with” because its teamwork). From the birth of The Creative Place, we knew we wanted to provide a service that was different from all the other resources out there.  Therefore we set out to provide something to clients that would last. Partnerships were born. We branded the phrase “we aim to … Read More