Website 101: Design

Thanks for joining us on our blog series “Website 101”!  Today we cover why website design is important and three different take home points to decide whether or not your website is up to par in the design department.

Let us jump right in!  There are three beginning points we believe will help make a website have great design and obtain the eye candy to catch and boost viewers on site time.

1. Visually Appealing
We’ve all been to THAT website. Where clip art is out of control and there is nothing but paragraph after paragraph of Times New Roman….everywhere! Honestly, stats show that you have 10 seconds to make an impression before viewers leave. That is why it is so important to have a visually appealing website. For more reads on this subject, check out: Website 101: Graphics are the Key

40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text. (Source: Zabisco)

2. Think Smart Design
Don’t be wasteful. Think smart design by first, not being afraid to use white space. James Fields writes For The Tennessean, says  “An uncluttered page directs users to the most important elements. It’s even been proven to increase comprehension by 20 percent.”

3. First Impressions
It really is everything. What do you do when you first meet someone? A handshake! Same thing with the design of a website. Fields goes on to say: “Your homepage should say it all. Are you the bright and cheery type? Or more structured and serious? Make a strong first impression by communicating your brand through colors, fonts, images and layout. Decisions as seemingly insignificant as selecting the right shade of blue can affect sales, as 93 percent of consumers say the visual dimension is the leading influence factor in purchase decisions.” So true.

Design is important. Which is why we partner with our clients to provide such quality web & graphic design. Design that is visually appealing, smart and gives a great first impression. Let us help your website today, click here.

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