Facebook vs A Website

One of the comments we receive often from people inquiring about a website is…”why do I need a website when I have a facebook page?”

1. They’re different.
Kind of like saying, “why do I need a car, when I have a bike.” They both offer transportation. I know how to drive both.
The simple difference is, one will take you further faster. A facebook page, like any social media platform, has it pros and cons, which is another post all together….but one main thing to remember is social media platforms are made to CONNECT. Websites are meant to provide specific information on a given subject, category or organization.

2. Information Placement
When I want to find out something about a company, restaurant or attraction, if I have to scroll down the newsfeed for more than a minute…I quit. I move on. Or I go to their website which provides me with much more information than I can gather from their FB page as well as a more user-friendly experience.

3. Friends not Enemies
It’s not a competition. Your website and your facebook account essentially work together to help get your message out. Use your facebook account to funnel your viewers to your website for more specific (non “timeline”) information. Use your website to CONNECT people to your facebook where you are able to provide a more individual customer service.

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