What We Do

We are always adding things to the “What We Do” list! Every week it is something different. Our partnerships (read more: Why Partnerships) differ from one to the other because some churches and organizations need different services. So, if you are wondering if you are locked in to only getting certain services…nah, we partner with you in order to meet the needs of your organization.

We love lists! And sometimes it helps to know what kind of things we’ve done before, in order to help you have a starting point. Below are a list of services we have provided for our partnerships in the past:

[ezcol_1third]Bulletin Design
T-Shirt Design
Rack Cards
Church Plant Launch Package
Sticker Design
Email Marketing Design
Website Design
Website Maintenance
Capital Campaigns
Event Posters
Promotional Material
Motion Logos
Logo Branding
Sermon Series Graphics
Political Sign Design
Newspaper Ads
Social Media Graphics
Door Hangers
Web Banners
Book Covers
Communication Cards
Facebook Cover Photos
Roll Ups
Trade Show Display

If there is something that you have in mind that is not on the list above, PLEASE shoot us an email with what you are needing. We would be glad to help!

Ultimately, “what we do” is aim to partner with churches and organizations to provide quality and affordable graphic and web design services. We choose to provide partnerships because we don’t like “goodbye’s” or even “see you later.” We want to be a part of your team.

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