Website 101: Why Maintenance Matters

Almost everything requires some sort of maintenance. From our cars, houses, and pets, ….we even go to the dentist to have our teeth maintained! The same goes for websites.

At TCP we believe in a well maintained online presence, it truly matters.
>It matters because we now live in an instant world. People are able to find you and your organization on their device instantly.

>It matters because it is a reflection of your organization/business.

>It matters because of the investment you made. Whether you built the website yourself or paid out of pocket…there was time and money spent, don’t let that investment become meaningless by leaving a site to waste for months, heaven forbid a year without a maintenance update!

Here are just 3 “starter” recommendations you can do to maintain your site on a regular basis:

1. Keep It Current
Have you ever gone to a restaurant and tried to order something from the menu you really want, all to have the waiter say “sorry, we no longer serve that”? To then try and order something else appealing, and get THE SAME response! Just update the menu! Same with your website, don’t leave wrong times, past dates, outdated graphics on your website. Clean it up!

2. Learn the basic steps to update the back-end.
If you hate computers, you may have just had a tiny panic attack. We promise it’s really not that hard, scouts honor. ¬†Or you could just hire us to do it for you.

3. Back it up!!
This is just like having renters insurance. It’s a MUST practice for anyone with a website. This is a very wise thing to do so that your tiny panic attack doesn’t result in a hospital visit because you lost all your website files in an accidental update.

Here’s a bonus! And probably the most important:
Another reason to update, maintain and backup your website is the ever increasing malware threats and internet security risks. An estimated 37,000 websites are hacked every day. This is not a “will this happen to my site” but “when”. A back-up provides a sweet relief with a sudden website hack happens.

All in all, please, update your website. Backup your website. If this is something you don’t have time nor energy to do, we offer a maintenance partnership that is super affordable and highly effective. We’d love to start maintaining your site today!

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