Why Partnerships?

We love our clients.  We love designing with our clients (“with” because its teamwork).

From the birth of The Creative Place, we knew we wanted to provide a service that was different from all the other resources out there.  Therefore we set out to provide something to clients that would last.

Partnerships were born.

We branded the phrase “we aim to provide partnerships instead of products.”  Product have a one-time purpose…the end.   We don’t want to say “good-bye” or even “see ya later” for that matter.  We desire to partner with our clients to provide on going design support so in return their organization thrives with quality, affordable and outstanding visual communication.

Monthly Partnerships consist of graphic design, web design, web maintenance, consulting and rapid one-on-one communication with The Creative Place team.  We believe that when you feel as though you have a design team listening and understanding your needs…you are much more free and avaliable to focus on  what really matters = your business/organization.

Because, lets face it…”You didn’t go into ________________, to be a graphic or web designer…WE DID!”

So why do it yourself?  Begin a design partnership with TCP today! Click here to contact us.


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